Why you should quit your job

The Balancing Act

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Are you struggling to get out of bed to go to work most days? Do you spend most of your day wishing you were somewhere else?

If you answered yes to these questions then I think it’s time you started looking for a new job. Let’s face it, there are always going to be things about a job that we’re not going to like. For me it’s the administration side of things! I find it mundane and time consuming and I’d rather spend my time making things happen. But the administrative tasks need to be done and once it’s done I can focus on all of the other things I love about my job. It’s one of the few tiny things that I don’t like about my current 9-5 job. But if you’re unhappy more than 50% of the time then you need to start asking yourself, is this the right job for me?

As some of you will know I recently made a major change. I quit my full time 9-5 job and have started working in a part time position so I can focus on growing my business Socialite Digital and focus on growing The Balancing Act and my food blog Eat Canberra. My whole life has changed and in the months leading up to this change I experienced so many conflicting emotions and feelings. I was scared and sick with nerves but I was excited, curious and happy.

Working in a traditional 9-5 position 5 days a week is not for me, at least not at this point in my life. I’d done it long enough to know that I won’t be happy to spend the rest of my life in a traditional office for the majority of my day. Having so many passions and things I want to do pursue also made me realise that I couldn’t do it all while working in a 9-5 full time job. I was getting tired and wasn’t doing everything to the best of my ability because I didn’t have the time.

The Balancing Act

Different things motivate different people. For some it’s a job title, for other’s it’s money and some people just like being thanked occasionally so they know that they are valued.

I’ve been in the position where I’ve spent so much time being miserable in a job and have wasted so much energy talking about how I wasn’t happy. Then I realised that I didn’t want to spend my life being like this. If something was going to change then it was up to me to make the changes.

So as soon I squashed the fear that was lurking within and took action to make the change, I felt so empowered and confident and it’s an incredible feeling.

Of course I still have some doubts that try to make their way into my mind but when they do I remind myself why I made the decisions I did and something usually happens to remind me that the decision I made was the right one.

Here’s some reasons and signs that you should quit your job:


  1. If you have a fire inside you that isn’t being ignited by your 9-5 then you need to think about doing something that keeps that fire going. Otherwise it will go out and you will be one of those cranky people who have been in the same job for years and hate life.
  2. If you can’t get up out of bed in the mornings because you don’t when to go to work then it’s time to move on.
  3. Life it to short to be doing something that makes you unhappy. Sure there’s mundane tasks and a few boring things associated with every job, but if you’re unhappy majority of the time and have other passions outside of your 9-5 job then it’s time for you to seriously consider making a change.
  4. If you spend most of the time talking about how unhappy you are in your job or all of the negative things about it then start looking for another job.
  5. If there’s no room for growth at the organisation you work for and you’re no longer challenged by your job then it’s time to start looking elsewhere.
  6. If you don’t feel valued or appreciated then get the hell out. You’re worth so much and deserve to be in an environment where you feel appreciated every day.
  7. If you work in a toxic environment with a boss who is a micro manager then run for the hills. A manager has a massive impact on your working environment and if they’re not going to change then nothing will.
  8. Is your job building your skills or helping you achieve your short and long term professional goals? If it isn’t then maybe you should consider finding a job that will give you more skills and experience to reach those goals.
  9. You’ve tried negotiating with your boss and voiced the reasons your unhappy but they’re not willing do meet you half way. If they don’t value you and aren’t willing to give you the things that will make you enjoy your job and thrive more then they’re not the person you want to be busting you arse for. You will automatically lose respect for people who aren’t willing to help you when you work so hard. Start typing up your resignation letter ASAP.
  10. If you’re workplace values don’t align with your own then maybe you should think about finding one that shares your values. The feeling of not agreeing to the operation of an organisation or the treatment of staff will be one you won’t be able to shake. There are so many opportunities out there and so many awesome workplace cultures so why stay somewhere that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Money can only buy happiness to a certain extent. Sure we need money for food and basic living but if you’re choosing to do something solely on the fact that you are earning good money then you will soon find yourself to be a miserable person who’s driven by materialistic needs and wants. As you continue on with your life being driven by materialistic factors you will probably forget who you are and what you enjoy.

Your job has a massive impact on your overall happiness so check in

wit yourself regularly and ask if what you’re spending 40% of your life on is contributing to your happiness or to your unhappiness.

So if you’ve spent the last year of two complaining about your job then MAKE THE CHANGE. You have the power but only you can make it happen! Life is to short to be unhappy.

PS/ I have so much to write on this topic so there will be plenty more to come!

Have you made a recent life change or do you want to but aren’t sure where to start? I want to hear about it. Comment below xx

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