Vegan slice recipe: Coconut Rough

I have a confession to make. I’m not a vegan and I eat pretty much anything… BUT I maintain balance with my diet and I could easily go without meat. I often make sure my partner and I have a ‘meat free Monday’ and my philosophy is everything in moderation. So I make and eat a whole range of different types of food. A bit of vegetarian, paleo, raw foods, vegan and everything in between. I’ve recently discovered an amazing website called Wholefood Simply that is full of delicious, amazing recipes. Yesterday I made this simple but delicious slice, Coconut Rough.

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I grew up eating the old school Women’s Weekly Choc Rough Slice and I remember my mum making it for my sisters and I when we were younger. This recipe from Wholefood Simply is just as delicious as my taste buds remember minus the butter, flour and processed sugar. Another bonus is that the recipe only has four ingredients. It sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? Well why not make it and let me know your thoughts.

Coconut Rough

What you need….

2 cups desiccated coconut

1 heaped tablespoon cacao/cocoa/carob (I used cacao)

10 medjool dates, seeds removed

2 tablespoons coconut cream

Now what….

Place all of the ingredients into your blender or food processor. Blend until well combined, this may take a little while. Press the mixture into a loaf tin lined with baking paper, place the mixture into the freezer to set, slice and enjoy!

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I also made a vegan Coconut Cheesecake and I’m making the final touches to it now. The post will be up this week!

This recipe was originally published on Wholefood Simply.

PS/ Bianca you are amazing….