The ‘balancing act’: Is it possible?

The ‘balancing act’: Is it possible? A Health and Wellness Expert shares 3 tips to access your greatest power.

In my career as a Health and Wellness Coach, I often find that people are not stressed from the events that surround them, but rather by trying to create ‘balance’ in their life.

Like juggling balls in the air though, I like to remind them that they only have two hands. As such there is a limit to how many balls they can juggle – and some will fall. It is how we deal with those that fall, which sets the stage for our mental thoughts and actions – and ultimately our own ‘balancing act’, with the right number of ‘balls’ for us to juggle in life.

How to create balance and access your greatest power:

1.Be Mindful

By being mindful, we are being psychologically present, consciously paying attention with openness, curiosity and flexibility. Therefore when one of our ‘balls’ falls to the ground, we too, do not fall with it. By having the ability to be aware, engaged and open in our experiences, we automatically gain the winning edge as we have the ability to control our behaviour to serve valued ends.

2. Live your Truth

You don’t need to hide in a cave to find your truth; simply set aside some time where you feel the happiest and breathe, (I sit in my garden). This simple act of creating mental space quietens the mind and frees the intuition – this is where you can reconnect with your core, and ultimately, your values.

When understood, our values provide us with a clear and deeper sense of who we are. They are our “heart’s deepest desires for the sort of person we want to be, and the things we want to do in our time on this planet.” In other words, they are what we stand for in life.

Some of my core values include achievement, integrity, fun, honesty, loyalty and security. These values help me to evaluate and decide which ‘balls’ I should juggle for ME, as they indicate what is important, and form the basis for motivation.

3. Dump Energy Vampires

Often enough we find ourselves juggling ‘balls’ that don’t even belong to us, (for example: solving a work colleague’s marital issues). I term thes

e people ‘energy vampires’, because just like mythical blood-drinking vampires, energy vampires do the same to our energy levels. You see many of us have been brought up in a culture that believes it is admirable to put others first, and to give more than you have. However I am of the belief that we all have our own personal issues; so before I can help anyone else, I must first focus 100% on ME.

Maria GanisHealth and Wellbeing Coach and Best Selling Author, Maria Ganis is passionate about following her heart and living life to the fullest. For over 8 years Maria has helped people who seek clarity in areas of work related stress; career development and progression; weight loss; and relationship transitions in personal and professional life. Based in Melbourne, Maria founded Enosis Medi-spa and Wellness Centres whereby eastern wisdom and western technology come together in a harmonious way to create overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Please visit or @enosis_spa on Instagram for more information. Contact Maria on (03) 9879 7461.

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