Spring clean your life

Winter sucks. Not just because it’s cold and miserable but it also sucks the life right out of you! Emerging from winter isn’t easy because we often stop exercising and eating well, we lack vitamin D and we’ve spent way too much time hibernating inside. It usually takes a little time to get over the winter blues… So if you’re not quite there yet, we’re going to help you get your bounce back!

People spring clean their house so why not spring clean your life.

From 1st October until the end of spring we have an awesome line up of guest bloggers, some really cool giveaways and heaps of inspiring articles to help you spring clean your life.

None of the posts are sponsored and we’ve hand picked and purchased some pretty cool giveaways just for you! We want to inspire you and we think you deserve to be spoilt. We’ve contacted some amazing and inspiring professionals in the areas of mindful psychology, wellness, meditation, yoga, health,

fitness and style and they’ve written some article especially for you, The Balancing Act reader.

We also have an awesome, beautiful and witty young lady joining The Balancing Act team and we know you’re going to love her. We have lots of fitness articles, recipes and health tips coming your way!

So start getting excited because our ‘SPRING CLEAN YOUR LIFE’ series starts soon!

Spring Clean your life

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