S.N.O.B Blog: I’m on a seafood diet

Better known for its sunshine, squeaky sand beaches and nightlife, the Gold Coast is finally getting serious about food. As a Melbourne girl (cough, cough) “inherent foodie”, this is obviously something that excites me. 

As a tourist or local, discovering the Gold Coast via it’s shimmering harbour and island coastline is a must. Indeed, this is where I found my two favourite catches.

Never one to indulge in ‘fruits de mer’ or ‘fruits of the sea’ (thanks Year 12 French), I all of a sudden found myself on a seafood diet.

New find: Omeros Bros 

Seated on the sparkling edge of the marina overlooking beautifully crafted yachts, where waiters glide down shimmering silver handrails, carrying bottles of Moët & Chandon, whilst simultaneously suggesting the “brownies are the bomb.” Yes, my experience at Omeros Bros in Marina Mirage was nothing short of whimsical. 

To begin our celebrations (I’ll spare you the ‘googly-eye’, ‘lovey-dovey’ details) my partner and I ordered two sharing plates, (Calamari, and Baby Ciabatta with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic & Tomato Salsa), which we basically licked clean. Our waiter jokingly commented, “Wow, you really hated that!” 

But the hero of the night was definitely my main – sautéed prawns, shallots and mushrooms with garlic cream volute served with rice – yep; it was as amazing as it sounds!

With numerous awards under its belt, priding itself on “service, taste and style,” Omeros Bros is definitely a ‘fine dining’ experience with prices ranging from $18 for an entrée to $40 for a main. I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate a special milestone together.  

The Balancing Act

Get hooked on these tasty Beer Battered oysters, they are a real pleasure for the palate! Photo by Omeros Bros on Facebook.

Old favourite: Peter’s Fish Market 

Here, thatch-roofed cabanas line the water’s edge, completed with wooden picnic tables and surprise guests including the likes of Sedrick the Seagull, and more annoyingly, Iris the Ibis. But how could you blame them? With a diet consisting of aquatic plants, fish and crabs (with the occasional potato fry), they sure know where to come for the freshest seafood selection.

The Balancing Act

Fresh prawns from Peter’s Fish Market.

Disliking flake, (I know, how very un-Australian) I’m always limited for options when visiting Fish & Chips shops. But for many years, Peter has had my back! Window, upon window, upon window, Peter’s Fish Market is home to a myriad of fish and crustaceans selected straight from the trawler and cooked right in front of you. I opted for yummy grilled salmon with a side of tartar sauce.

The Balancing Act

Yummy fish and chips from Peter’s Fish Market.

Well renowned amongst the locals for it’s fresh food and low prices, Peter’s Fish Market is definitely a hidden gem. Located on

Seaworld Drive, it makes for the perfect pit stop before or after you’ve visited the Sea World Theme Park.

Tip: My two favourite catches are both located in Main Beach – a 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise by car or bus (catch line 705). 

Photos from Peter’s Fish Market and Omeros Bros.

What can you expect from the S.N.O.B Blog Series? Discussions that challenge people’s preconceived notions of superficiality, nomads, ostentatiousness and bravery to ultimately uncover the modern-day balanced person. Because when you think about it, we all have these aspects within us, which make us balanced. Follow the S.N.O.B journey to find out how!

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