Resisting the urge to run away

The Balancing Act

Do you ever have the urge to run away? The urge to pack your bags and just go. I do. I get this urge less frequently than I did in the past but it still brews within sometimes. Maybe it’s the flight or fight response kicking in or the little guy known as the travel bug that will be forever with me. Perhaps it’s my desire for adventure and trying new things, the longing for new experiences and to explore the world.

I become bored easily. The feelings of comfort and feeling settled don’t sit well with my but I’m learning to make friends with those feelings. The reason for this could also be that I have moved A LOT. I never really had a ‘family home’ that I grew up in and so I’m not familiar with the feeling that goes with that. I’ve probably moved about 20 times in my life. That’s quite a lot for someone in their 20’s. I’m also used to being on the go all the time because I’ve worked 2 or 3 jobs since I was 15 while studying and dealing with a lot of stressful life events. I guess I’m used to change and being unsettled. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of all of the above that contribute to my urge to run away. But instead of running away when that urge arises I do other things to satisfy that desire and to stop myself from reacting to something that I would probably later regret.

What to do to fulfill the urge to run away without running away:

  1. Research or plan for your next overseas trip. I love to travel and I know I always will now that I have seen parts of this amazing world! I could easily live overseas and could happily move tomorrow. But instead of making such a dramatic change I do the research for my next adventure and read about the beautiful world we live in. I really dislike it when people say ‘you shouldn’t have to take a holiday to escape your life’. Because for me that’s what like is all about. Discovering new things, going on new adventures, meeting people from all walks of life and seeing as much of this amazing world I possibly. I’m happy with my life and travelling is an added bonus! Maybe one day I’ll live overseas but until then my next stop is Japan!
  2. Go on a mini adventure. Go away for a night or go on a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Explore your local area and go to all the places you’ve never been. You might not live there forever so you might as well make the most of it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and it satisfies the need to explore and discover new things.
  3. Do the things that fill you up on the inside. Find the things that make you happy and do them regularly. These are the things that will keep you going and give you something to look forward to so you don’t get bored with the mundane things in life. It might be a yoga class, going for a run, trying something for the first time, reading, taking a hot bath or going out for dinner. Do those things regularly and it will help you realise all the great things you’re able to do in life.
  4. Remind yourself of all the things you’re grateful. This is so important and something you could do regularly. It’s a great way to remind yourself about all the positives in life and why you are where you are. It could be as simple as your garden or the beauty of the
    mountains that surround you. Take 5 minutes now and write a list of all the things your grateful for. Add to that list and come back to it when you feel like running away or if you feel down. It’s amazing how a simple reminder of all the great things you have in life can make you feel.

So the time you feel like running away stop and think about what you can do to fulfill that desire.

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