Meet health and wellness star Lola Berry

The Balancing Act

I always knew Lola Berry was an amazing person doing amazing things but I didn’t realise just how awesome she was until I met her at her wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre on the weekend.

I’m now a Lola Berry fan and if you aren’t, then you will be after reading this! She is an inspiring, REAL woman who is down to earth and says it how it is. She’s full of health and wellness wisdom, has a great outlook on life and radiates a calm and happy vibe. That’s our type of gal!

The Balancing Act

Lola Berry and I at her wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre.

In her teens Lola was a partying DJ who didn’t look after her health or wellness. She felt like crap all the time and wasn’t really happy with her life. Then love changed it all! Yep, she wanted to get fit and healthy for a special someone who captured her heart.

So she started to look after herself. She started eating better and instantly felt better. Then she decided to study nutrition, something that was way out of her comfort zone and something that she didn’t think she was smart enough to do. But she had the passion, drive and determination and thought, “Once I get the degree that will be the ticket to the ball and then I can wear whatever frock I want.”

Proof that you really can achieve anything!

The end result is that Lola followed her passion and worked hard to achieve great things. She’s published cooking books and inspires people all over the world to live a happy, healthy and balanced life that includes eating well. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Lola has experienced eating disorders and admits that she has hit rock bottom in the past, something that we all experience at least once in our lives.

She spoke of the five elements of life that a friend introduced her to when she was experiencing a bad break up. They include health, family, love, career and financial freedom.

She said that it’s very rare for all of these things to be ‘perfect’ because they’re all out of our control, except for health.

The Balancing Act

Pomegranate Power smoothie from Lola’s new smoothie book. Photo via @yummololaberry on Instagram.

“You usually get the bill for your car rego on the same day rent is due and all the bills will come at once, or you’ll have a stressful day at work and you’ll feel crappy or you go through a bad break up.

“The only thing you really have control over is your health and when you’ve got your health in check you can kind of handle all of these other elements if something bad happens.

“You can handle a bad break up, of course you’re going to feel sad but if you look after your health then you’ll come through it a lot quicker.

“The theory is that if you’ve got your health you can handle those bad days. You’ve got a clearer mind, your more on point and it’s easier to deal with the things that stress you out,” Lola said.

She told the audience about the time when everything in her life was great. She was dating an awesome guy, she was happy to be around her family, she’s just released a new book and it was a top seller, and she was doing great financially. Boom! She had it all.

But then she got dumped. By a text message!

“So the element of love was gone and rather then getting on with things I stopped going to yoga because there were certain poses that I did where I would just start crying, I was heart broken.

“I started under eating and then binging and it was a horrible way to be. I quickly lost my health and I wasn’t inspiring anyone because I wasn’t being true to myself.

“So it didn’t take long for the gigs to drop away and I lost my TV and radio gigs and there goes the career and financial freedom.

“That’s what we call rock bottom but the really cool thing about rock bottom is that you have a choice. You can stay there and be really sad or you can pick yourself up and get on with life.

At this stage she was living near the Yarra River in Melbourne and one morning she went for a run and thought “Stuff this, I’m doing this for me.”

She said in that moment it was like something clicked in her brain and within two weeks she got her health back on track by going to the markets and getting fresh produce to create healthy meals and got back into yoga.

Within two weeks she got offered a new book deal and the TV and radio gigs started again.

The Balancing Act

Lola Berry at a recent book signing in Sydney. Photo via @yummololaberry on Instagram.

“All I was doing was honouring my health and being real

and honest and giving the best of myself,” she said.

This chick is a star and we love her attitude and outlook on life. The audience was lucky enough to ask Lola some questions so check out Lola’s health and wellness tips here.

PS/ She got the boy and dated him for four years!

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