Meditation: The key to staying ‘sane’

Meditation, it’s probably already on your ‘to-do’ list. Filed under should, as in “Oh yeah I probably should learn to meditate” along with going paleo and starting that early morning bootcamp class. But how on earth are you supposed to fit another thing in when time is already at such a premium? I mean seriously, you’re busy enough as it is right?

I get it, I run a flourishing wellness centre, have my own weekly client load, teach meditation, get to the gym, prioritise time with my family and manage to see something of my friends, and I’m sure you’re just the same. You’re stretched and some days being stretched is what makes life feel rich and fulfilling and some days (and weeks) it can be too much, overwhelm sets in, and if you could stop the world and get off for a bit you would, but you can’t.

Instead you learn to cope. You become adept at spreading yourself thin. The thing is, all the ingredients of your life may be each and of themselves quite delightful (even if there’s a few tweaks you’d like to make) but when they’re all coming at you thick and fast, the whole experience of life can become discordant and even unpleasant. Instead of feeling grateful you can feel surprisingly flat and maybe even a bit numb. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

So what can you do?

meditation-omharmonicsFor me, I get up a bit earlier than I have to, and I meditate. The reason I fit meditation into my busy day is that it keeps me (relatively!) sane amidst the maelstrom of life.

If you’ve never tried meditation, it’s a bit like brushing your teeth. If you’ve ever been away from home and forgotten your toothbrush you know it doesn’t take long before your mouth feels pretty fuzzy. Mediation does for your mind and emotions what brushing your teeth does for your mouth. It wipes away all the gunk that has collected and leaves you feeling fresh and clear.

Within that feeling of clarity I find I can replenish the sense of gratitude for all that I have. I can nourish my spirit and access the simple wisdom that exists in all of us beneath the rush of constant thoughts. It should come with a warning however because it is addictive! One sip of that deep silence, stillness and peace and you will always want to come back for more.

If you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry because I’ve put together an easy exercise to get you started on your journey and if you already practice meditation, you’ll enjoy this one too.

Easy 3-minute Mini Meditation

This mediation practice invites you, via the doorway of your senses, to bring your attention into the present moment: you know the mythical land that exists between past regret and future worry! Enjoy.

Find somewhere that’s away from distractions

  • Sit upright but relaxed in a chair (or if you prefer on a cushion on the floor)

{Minute one}

  • Close your eyes.
  • Feel the connection between your body and the chair/ground and let you body weight yield into its support.
  • Notice your breathing.

{Minute two}

  • Without trying to change your breath in any way just notice the rhythm of your exhalations and inhalations.
  • See whether you can string together more than one breath without your mind drifting off to a distracting thought. If you get to five you’re doing well.

{Minute three}

  • With each exhalation invite your
    body to relax by releasing built up tension (focus in turn on releasing around your eyes, jaw, throat, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, pelvis, buttocks and legs)
  • With each new inhalation welcome a fresh wave of energy into your body, allow your body to become revitalized and replenished.

{To end}

Finish by recalling one thing that you are grateful for then open your eyes.

wes sitting croppedWes Smith is a meditation teacher and Director of Canberra’s Live Well Spa and Wellness Centre. He is passionate about teaching people how to reconnect with their own inner voice of wisdom, healing and joy through meditation. Wes has seen the remarkable ways regular mediation changes lives for the better, not only restoring radiant wellbeing, but returning peoples whole life back into balance. To find out more about Wes’s online learn to meditate programs please visit

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