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The Balancing Act

I recently met Lola Berry at her wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre. Check out Lola’s health and wellness tips and advice.

Health and happiness

It’s your health that underpins it all and it’s the foundation of everything.

There are so many diets out there and it’s a little overwhelming. For me it’s really simple. I don’t care if you want to be a vegan, paleo or a raw foodie. Just know this, every time you eat in a day it’s your choice and you get to choose what you eat.

Health is key when it comes to life and it’s the one thing you can control. You can’t control if you have a bad situation at work or your love life, we’ve all been heart broken and you don’t get to control that but you do get to control your health and I think that health is the foundation of everything when it comes to life, being the best of you and giving your best.

They say when it comes to your happiness that 50% is genetic, 10% is your status so what kind of car you drive, who your dating, clothes you wear, and 40% is intrinsic goals, so goals that you achieve for you. Things like finding out what your purpose is and helping other people. So 40% of your happiness you get to decide by doing things like yoga, looking after your health, looking after your spiritual values and I’m not trying to be hippie but what I mean is who you are, why you’re hear and what’s your passion and purpose. You get to control that chunk of your happiness!

The Balancing Act

Lola’s new book and her super cute puppy Humphrey! Photo via @yummololaberry on Instagram.

How do you stay healthy when you’re so busy and under the pump?

“It’s really hard. First of all, I would say sleep. Every hour before midnight is the equivalent to two hours after midnight. So it’s better to go to bed at 10pm and get up at 4am rather then go to bed at midnight and get up at 6am. The earlier you’re in bed, the better but I know it’s really hard.

It also takes preparation, so preparing healthy snacks. Smoothies are great so you can make a batch of green smoothie up and it can last 3-4 days in the fridge. Then you’ve got breakfast ready to go. You can make granola and on Sundays do your meal preparations. It takes time, discipline and motivation.

Find a healthier alternative for the things that you also go for. One of my friends has cake Friday at work and so she doesn’t miss out she will take some coconut yoghurt and berries and she didn’t want to miss out on cake so she would just have a really small slither so she didn’t feel like missing out. She had that healthier ready to go snack.

The Balancing Act

Lola is always on the go. Check out her travel kit! Photo via @yummololaberry on Instagram.

What’s your opinion on coffee?

You’re going to think I’m crazy when I say this but I’ve never had a coffee in my entire life (whaaaaaat?!) Although two weeks ago someone said to me, have a sip of my espresso martini and I was like yuck no way I don’t drink coffee. But I had a sip and I was like this is good! I don’t know if that count as a coffee? They were delicious by the way and full of sugar (we love you even more Lola!) See I still fall of the wagon sometimes with sugar and alcohol and all that jazz.

But when it comes to coffee I tell my clients they can have one to two a day, but two max. Because it’s actually of the highest food sources of the things we consume in antioxidants. So don’t feel guilty about having a coffee because it’s got a lot of health benefits from an antioxidants perspective (even more brownie points for you Lola).

The Balancing Act

Photo via @cakeandcoau on Instagram.

But it also raises cortisol, our stress hormone, more than anything else in our diet and when we have excess cortisol we find it really hard to loose tummy weight (I think this is my problem!) I’m a stress head and my tummy is always the last thing to lean up and for me it’s often stress. If I drank coffee as well it would be a double whammy for me. So if people want to lose tummy wait I’d say to cut back to one coffee and I also try to get them to take away the milk and sugar and try to get their taste buds used to having it as clean as possible. And the second caffeine hit you can get is from green tea, which has still got about a third of the amount of caffeine as what coffee has.

Taste buds change every fourteen days so it takes a little while. That’s how I get from milk to dark chocolate. I know when I go for Lindt balls I’m falling off the wagon, especially the white ones because they’re pretty much sugar and fat (they’re my favourite!) And then if I want to get my taste buds back I’ll start gradually eating dark chocolate and it takes about two weeks. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit so after 21 days things get easier!

Mindfulness and food

When it comes to food and nutrition, mindfulness is key. It’s when you take a moment to enjoy the food and the people you’re with, your surroundings. What’s in front of you, the smells, the colours, when you take a bite think about the textures. That’s mindful eating and they say mindful eating is a technique that’s used to get people out of eating disorders and also out of stress eating.

I know that we run busy lives and it’s not as if you’re going to sit there and chant “om shanti shanti” before every meal but taking a moment, to think how lucky you are to be healthy enough and fit enough, well enough and wealthy enough to be able to afford the food you eat. Change your mindset and just take a moment to realise how lucky you are.

The Balancing Act

Healthy treats at Lola’s wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre.

When I’m at home I love making my food while I’m listening to Chet Faker and listening to cool music and it’s a whole experience for me and I think that also gives the power back to you to know that you’re nourishing yourself and yes I’m all about balance and doing what’s right for you but at the same time I’m also about owning it so if you want to be paleo or vegan or you want to eat a certain way then own it! If you go out to a restaurant and you say I don’t want dairy or gluten then that’s okay. I’m still that girl. I’m the gluten free girl and I will ask for things to have no gluten and dairy. As much as I’m about balance, I’m also about owning what works for you. So I think try everything on, see what fits right and what feels good for you. And then just own it, who cares what anyone thinks. The reality is that we judge humans within about 7 seconds of meeting them and 76% of that judgement is on appearance. The reality is that humans are going to judge you and who cares. Because if you’re worried about what other people think, it’s a really yucky way to live. I did it for years and the reality is your not going to impress everybody.

I was on a shoot recently and there were about 20 people in the room. There were producers, agents, directors and someone said “Stop, we need to check Lola’s split ends!” Not a word of a lie they walked up to me and checked. So people are going to judge you but who cares. You can’t get worried about what other people think

so when I say own it, own it and own every part of your life. Be who you are. When you start doing things for you and do things that make you feel good, that’s real and rare and that’s where the magic is. That’s where you want to live for health and happiness!

Read more about Lola and her journey here.


The Balancing Act

The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry and ‘oats and baked pears’ from the book. Photo via @yummololaberry and @motivationwall on Instagram.

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