I tried it: Pole Dancing (for fitness of course!)

When I first heard about pole dancing for fitness I didn’t really know what to think. Images of naked women on stage grinding up and down a pole, and seedy men in a smoke filled dark room might start spinning around in your mind. But pole for fitness is nothing like what you might imagine…..

Last night I found myself at the first class of my 3rd semester and I. FREAKING. LOVE. IT. It’s fun, a good laugh, a great workout, makes you feel a little sexy and it also gives your confidence a boost.


Although I did hesitate when the chiropractor asked me what the bruise on my foot was from. But the hesitation only lasted a moment and I soon spilled that I do pole for fitness. Not long after I discovered that he had some friends who did it too and we talked about the benefits of the workout and how good it was for building strength and a general cardio workout. You will get bruises, you may get blisters on your hands and sometimes your skin grips on the pole. That really hurts…. But the pain is all worth it.


Another thing that I love about it is that women of all shapes on sizes do it and men can also go to give it a go. There are classes for all fitness levels so don’t be shy if you’ve never done it before. There’s newbies at every introduction class and the instructors are loads of fun. If you’re wondering what to wear then I’ve got some good news for you. You don’t have to wear heels, undies and a bra. A pair of gym shorts, a comfy top and bare feet will do the trick. If you’re feeling up to it then you can wear little shorts. Credit to the people who do!


At the moment I’m living in Canberra so for the first two semesters I went to FitSistas Pole and Fitness Studio in Braddon. It’s a really nice studio and the introduction class changes each semester so it’s not repetitive. In each class you learn new tricks and then put them all together in a routine. Classes go for 60 minutes and you start with a 10 minute warm up that get’s the blood flowing and your heart rate up. Every week you build on the routine and add in a new trick. I really liked this because I could practice the tricks the next week if I didn’t quite nail them the first time. Sometimes it doesn’t come together until the last class and you have one of those “Ah huh I get it now” moments. Then you finish with a cool down. For a semester (6 classes per week) it will set you back $150 at FitSistas. If you don’t miss a class then it works out to be $25 per class.

I had to go overseas for work and missed two weeks of the semester and then fell ill on another week. So in total I missed three classes. I told the girls at reception in advance and they said I could make up the classes I would miss. I was happy with that and didn’t think any more of it. I returned to class on the last week of semester and mentioned about the classes that I’d missed, asking when the next semester started so I could make up for the classes. To my disappointment I was told that I had to make the classes up in that semester and that they couldn’t be carried over. There was four days of the term remaining and I have a pretty tight schedule meaning I couldn’t find time to take three classes in four days. That meant that I’d paid $50 per class. I understand that it would be hard to keep track of everyone and the classes they miss but honestly, I think it’s a little ridiculous.

So I was keen to give another place a go and see if I could find a cheaper rate to make up for the money I’d lost. Some might think that’s tight but when you’re in your 20’s an have a mortgage then you think of money in a different way. Anyway s few weeks ago I found an awesome deal on LivingSocial at the Aerial Pole Academy in Kingston. It was $59 for six classes over six weeks. I couldn’t miss out on this deal and yesterday was my first class at the Aerial Pole Academy. The studio isn’t as nice as FitSistas but it was still heaps of fun. The class started with a warm up and then went over some tricks spending 10 minutes practicing each one. We didn’t put them together in a routine so I was a bit bummed about that but they might do that later in the semester. I think I like a routine because it’s fast paced and a better work out.

If you live in a bigger place then it’s likely there are a few studios for you to choose from. So read the fine print where payment and classes are concerned and ask questions. I always recommend trying a few different places when you’re trying something new. You might find that you prefer a certain atmosphere, the people or the style at different studios.


If it’s something that you’ve wanted to do for a while then I’m begging you to give it a go! If you don’t want to go alone then grab a girlfriend, have some laughs and girlie time while getting a good work too.

Have you tried it or do you do it? I’d love to hear what you th

ink. If you’re thinking about giving it a go and have any questions then I’m happy to answer them.

A x

PS/ Get some Dry Hands or gloves to prevent you from slipping and to give you better grip on the pole. Studios should sell these or ask Google where to find them for the best prices.

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