Friday Five: Model, PT and Manager at F45, Nicole Leadbeatter

She’s a fitness model, a personal trainer, the Manager of F45 Training Braddon, an inspiration to many and a beautiful soul inside and out. I caught up with the lovely Nicole Leadbeatter to find out about F45 Training and how she maintains a positive mindset when she’s preparing for a competition.


Training for a fitness competition is mentally and physically strenuous. It takes hard work, determination, dedication and some serious willpower.

Nicole started competing in fitness competitions last year. Shortly after finding what she loved doing, she left her unfulfilling, comfortable public service job to pursue her career in the fitness industry.

She’d been training with her partner Nick in the body building style for a few years and fitness was all she thought about. She wanted to channel that passion and build a career for herself and then, out of the blue, she received a Facebook message from one of the owners at F45 Training Braddon.

“At first I didn’t take much notice of the message and brushed it off as a pyramid scheme. It wasn’t until I had a bad day at work and decided to do some research about F45. It didn’t take me long to realise this was the perfect fit for me,” she said.

Nicole got her qualifications to be a PT and took on the challenge of managing F45 in Braddon. She says  it’s a rewarding job and she loves going to work every day.

“I still can’t believe it when people tell me that I’ve inspired them to make a positive change, exercise and eat better. It’s crazy because I don’t think I do anything particularly remarkable but it feels really nice to know that I’ve helped someone make a positive change in a healthy way.”

Nicole and some of her FitFam at F45 Training Belconnen.

Nicole and some of her FitFam at F45 Training Belconnen.

F45 Training was born in Australia and is a systemised training facility that is changing the way people workout. Nicole said one of the best things about F45 Training is the diversity and the people who train at the facility.

“You can come in and experience a completely different workout every single day. It’s not like a standard group fitness class where you know what to expect. We have 100’s of different exercises and combinations you can do. It’s like a PT experience in a group environment because we always have a few trainers on the floor helping people.

“We also have a wide range of demographics that train at F45. We’re like a family and we have girls that are 16 and men that are 70 who come in and train. We also have elite athletes like the Brumbies and everyone trains side by side.”

Fitness modelling and competitions are on the rise and the fitness industry is booming. So if you’re thinking about entering a fitness competition Nicole’s advice is to make sure you’re in a good state of mind and to surround yourself with positive people.

“The mental aspect is definitely harder than the physical. The important thing to remember is that you’re doing it for yourself so don’t worry about what others around you are doing.

Nicole 2“Don’t have expectations about the day because you have to remember that the judging is always going to be subjective and you just need to be happy with yourself and what you’ve done. It should never be about winning and placing it’s all about your personal battle.

“Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you, filter out the negativity and focus on the positive.”

“Just remember that there’s no rush to do these things because if you decide to compete in a hurry then it’s not going to be good for your health. You’ll know when you’re ready to give it a crack!”

Nicole recently competed in the World Beauty Fitness Fashion (WBFF) at the Gold Coast and is currently training for the WBFF World in Las Vegas. She’s inspiring, a beautiful person and is definitely one to watch!

Friday Five with Nicole Leadbeatter

1. If the world were silent for 20 seconds and all ears were turned to you, what would you say? I would say ‘turn away!’ That much attention sounds terrifying! But in all seriousness – something like ‘be kind to yourself and others always’. Very simple but something I think we should all live by.

2. What do you often eat for your breakfast? I LOVE breakfast! My absolute favourite breakfast is the Bircher Muesli from eighty/twenty in Braddon with a dollop of coconut yoghurt. But most days I have eggs, spinach and tomato.

3. If you didn’t have to work what would you do? Probably still work anyway… I’m a workaholic! If you enjoy what you do its not so much of a strain.

4. What makes you laugh? Search ‘crossfit fails’ on Youtube and try not to laugh!

5. If you were stranded on an uninhabited island, with no means of communication or escape, what is the one thing that you would like to have? Nutella! Not very practical, but no-one would be around to judge me eating it out of the jar!


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