The Balancing Act

Meet Bec from Song of Oya

You might know Rebecca Cuzzillo as the lifestyle blogger behind Inexplicable Wanderlust. I first met Bec at the opening of Hoi Polloi in Canberra last year. I was instantly drawn to her positive vibe, fun and laid back personality. Since then I have been following her on Instagram and wanted to share her story with you. Read More…

The Balancing Act interview with Amelia

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Amelia! The creator behind The Balancing Act.

I was recently interviewed by Lucy from Subject ACT about The Balancing Act as part of her new series ‘Women in Canberra’.

The series interviews inspirational women in the Canberra region to talk about their lives, goals and womanhood in general.
Listen to the interview to find out more about my hopes for The Balancing Act and a little more about me!
Thanks for following and I can’t wait to share more with you xx
The Balancing Act

Meet health and wellness star Lola Berry

I always knew Lola Berry was an amazing person doing amazing things but I didn’t realise just how awesome she was until I met her at her wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre on the weekend.

I’m now a Lola Berry fan and if you aren’t, then you will be after reading this! She is an inspiring, REAL woman who is down to earth and says it how it is. She’s full of health and wellness wisdom, has a great outlook on life and radiates a calm and happy vibe. That’s our type of gal! Read More…