Living in New York

Living overseas is definitely on my bucket list. I love travelling and to live in another country for six months or more would be a dream come true. I’ve been to New York twice and like many I fell in love with the big, beautiful, buzzing city. If I had a job offer in New York I would pack my bags and head to the big apple tomorrow. … Read More…

The Balancing Act

Resisting the urge to run away

Do you ever have the urge to run away? The urge to pack your bags and just go. I do. I get this urge less frequently than I did in the past but it still brews within sometimes. Maybe it’s the flight or fight response kicking in or the little guy known as the travel bug that will be forever with me. Perhaps it’s my desire for adventure and trying new things, the longing for new experiences and to explore the world. Read More…

The Balancing Act interview with Amelia

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Amelia! The creator behind The Balancing Act.

I was recently interviewed by Lucy from Subject ACT about The Balancing Act as part of her new series ‘Women in Canberra’.

The series interviews inspirational women in the Canberra region to talk about their lives, goals and womanhood in general.
Listen to the interview to find out more about my hopes for The Balancing Act and a little more about me!
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